"Bookkeeping Management Journey" published Nov 21, 2014 is for sale now.

A Startup business owner often has a mental block against anything concerning bookkeeping.

Two goals of this book:

Many other topics are discussed that can help business operations.

My clients over many years have proved that Startups can master that skill without any previous accounting education. That information is given in this book and presented for easy learning. The Income Statement information is presented in skeletal form first with detailed information following to complete the learning process.

The Startup is able from the beginning to manage the business to meet their planned goals.

Planning and Managing your Startup for Success

(172 page book)


by Ed Wuensche

BOOKKEEPING MANAGEMENT JOURNEY is written primarily for start-up businesses. Existing businesses and members of organizations could also greatly benefit.

Ed Wuensche received a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from The University of Texas-Austin, Tx. He founded his business services company in 1971 providing many thousands of financial statements and other related services, houstonareabookkeeping.com, for many clients for over 40 years.

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